Premium quality bags at industrial output rate

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Easy operation and production monitoring

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Four LED illuminated pushbuttons sit right in the doorpanel of the state of the art control system next to the operator.

The basic functions are:

  • Start (green button)
  • Stop (red button)
  • Manual override control (white button)
  • Reset the safety system (blue button)

Two 3-step twist buttons give the operator full control of the operating speed and output rate.

Two emergency stop buttons located at the operators side and at the opposite side of the machine ensure safety for personell during operations.

Go online and look trough your production statistics in peace when and where you like. Vepak V1 note down every single bag with time and date of production and even the number of logs in each bag, and give you a live feed of what you have in stock.

In terms of service and support, our engineers can assist you remotely by linking up to the machine, advice on maintenance based on usage and so on.

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We work hard to make your life easier

We run our daily operations from Trondheim, Norway, where we have built our company, know-how and patent pending technology since 2012. All technical solutions, eng. construction and assembly drawings for electrics and mechanical components, machine logic and machine commmunication platform is developed and produced in-house by our engineers.

The production and subassembling of our machines are done with the help of our devoted partners, which take the same pride in the quality and performance of the final result as we do.

We use off-the-shelf components troughout the machine such as SKF bearings, 3-phase electromotors from Busck AB and conveyor belts of the same grade that you find in heavy-duty firewood processors.

Over the years we have visited some of the busiest firewood production facilities in Europe who confirmed the need for a better solution in the packing department. We base our products on the end users needs, so feel free to share your stories and experience to fuel us with inspiration for future products.


Take it to the next level

Send your contact details along with information about log lengths, packing formats and annual production capacity to get us started.


Richard Birkelandsvei 2B
7491 Trondheim – Norway


Managing director:
Ole Holtet
+47 454 74 552

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