VEPAK – Firewood Bagger

If you produce firewood in an industrial scale, this is the right tool for the job

Technical specifications:

Width x Length x Height: 2,6 x 5,0 x 3,1 meter

Dry weight: 1900 kg

Container volume: 2 cubic meter bulk material

Power supply: 230VAC single phase

Transport method:
Integrated fork pockets for suitable lifting equipment

Optional configuration:

  • Chamber for 20 cm (8″) logs*
  • Chamber for 25 cm (10″) logs*
  • Chamber for 30 cm (12″) logs*
  • Monitoring and support via mobile network

*Contact us for details regarding plastic bag, net and carton sizes. Depending on the straightness of the timber, we recommend adjusting the cutting length 0-1 cm shorter to ensure tolerance in chamber

VEPAK log bagger

Production rate:

VEPAK stack up to one log per second.

The production rate in terms of bags per hour or bags per operator will vary depending on the size of the logs, number of logs in each container and so on. Please also take into account the following:

  • Performance will vary based on the quality of the logs and the skill of the operator
  • Feeding of logs pause during empty cycle and begin automatically after filling
  • Empty cycle of the packing chamber into bags/boxes take ~2 seconds

The benefits:

Manual operations in industrial settings can lead to repetitive motion injuries on the personell. In manual packing of firewood in bags, every single log is touched and moved by hand on it’s way from a pile to the bag.

VEPAK reduce the manual handling of logs to a minimum by automating the stacking operation. 

VEPAK help you bring packing up to speed with the other steps of the production like cutting timber and producing logs. Faster production in the bagging department lead to a safer workplace with more variation of tasks during the day.

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Operating procedure


The equipment is operated from the packing station, where the operator controls the filling of wood into bags alongside start/stop procedure.


The container can be filled with either dried or fresh cut wood. The out feed from the container is automated.


The wood cleaner allows logs to travel on top of the rotating blades…


…while bark and debris fall between the blades and into a separate container.


Once exited the cleaner, the logs are stacked end-to-end in a queue onto a conveyor system, leading to the packing box, where the logs are stacked.

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The in-feed automatically stops (1) during manual inspection trough the door, or (2) when the volume of logs in the chamber has reached a set level. A light in the control panel blinks to notify the operator that the box is full.

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The operator pushes a foot pedal to release the logs into the bag. The foot pedal also actuates a landing plate beneath the bag to take the weight upon filling.


While the bag is being removed the machine automatically start to fill the chamber with the next round of logs.

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