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We see a rapidly growing trend for firewoood in smaller formats from consumers that want less hassle and less occupation of storage space from the wood they burn. To them, firewood have gone from being a primal source of heat to a commodity to symbolise joy and tradition. As the change in demand kept shifting over to smaller formats, the slow and repetitive manual operations of stacking logs into bags has become a growing cost and concern for the firewood producers.

Something needed to be done in the production of the bags

Vepak was founded with the mission to automate and remove the bottle neck in the production of firewood in bags, and to ensure that the professional producers of logs could be located not only in low-salary countries with long transport distances, but as close to the end users as possible.



Idea and first prototype

Birth of the concept and development of the first prototype by Ole Holtet


Vepak established as a company

A team is formed to research and develop a performing firewood packing machine. Vepak becomes the first and only company dedicated to automatic firewood packing


Roll-out of 8 prototypes

Several versions came out during three years of R&D. These machines are still operating and were upgraded by Vepak in 2018


Serial production

With an improved design and performance, serial production starts and machines are delivered every month to European firewood producers

Coming soon...

Machines available overseas


Picture of Ole Holtet

Ole Holtet

CEO & Founder

Former hobby firewood producer with a PTO driven Japa 700 processor. Passionate about the future of firewood production as a more and more professional industry. Ole holds a masters degree in civil engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway.

Picture of Joachim Lucas

Joachim Lucas

Sales Manager

Joachim joined the team in 2017 and is responsible for the development of VEPAK’s operations out of the borders of Norway. He comes from France and has lived in Norway since 2012. He holds a Msc in International Business from Kedge Business School in Bordeaux, France.

Picture of Jordane Thielly

Jordane Thielly

Service engineer

Jordane provides assistance to our clients in their daily use of the VEPAK machines, and performs on-site maintenance when needed. He speaks English and French.

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