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Firewood business is not just about cutting the wood and announcing it on sale. It’s about finding the raw material, designing and establishing the manufacturing line, accumulating logs, packing them, and only then – distributing. While the key stages of this supply chain are mostly automated, packing firewood is still handled manually. This, in its turn, involves additional labor costs, human factor, increases accident-related manufacturing chain downtime and supply delays risks. And most importantly – it cuts the margins. VEPAK was created to make firewood packing time and cost-effective by fully automating the packing process.

Why pack the firewood?

The purpose of firewood has changed. It is not a basic life-supporting need anymore. Instead, it became a joyful, symbolic and sometimes just fancy alternative to air-conditioning. It’s nothing about heat anymore, it’s about beauty and comfort. And therefore, purchasing, storing and utilizing the product should be as beautiful and comfortable as the product itself. Nobody comes to a supermarket with a rickshaw to load firewood on. People come shopping in fancy cars, clean clothes and their favorite shoes to carry their well-packed products back to their clean and tidy households, where the last thing expected is the harmony of cleanliness being destroyed by unmanageable logs of firewood. That’s why it should be well-packed. To be a joy, not a problem.

Why hasn’t this been done before?

Nothing is new under the sky. But VEPAK. The history of firewood business knows several attempts at creating efficient firewood packing machines, but none of these projects crossed the prototype-stage. VEPAK is the first company globally that developed a commercially available machine that makes automation of firewood packing possible.

How VEPAK increases your profits?

Statistics and production analysis prove the following data:

  • 5 times faster packing
  • 10 times reduction of manual operations
  • 1 machine controlled by 1 operator equals labor effectiveness of 5 workers.

5 times faster packing leads to increased production capacity, which leads to increased profits.
10 times reduction of manual operations leads to decreased risks of injuries or human-factor related downtime, which guarantees production sustainability.
Human labor is expensive. But not as much as it can be when it’s 1 employee instead of 5.

What are the other benefits of VEPAK?

It doesn’t just pack the wood. It packs it clean. The machine has an integrated cleaner that separates loose material like bark and debris in a much more effective way than when packed by hand. By orienting and shaking the logs through the process, loose material falls off and you only get clean logs and bags at the end. The machine’s high output rate gives shorter time in production and faster return on investment of your stock of timber.

What about the maintenance?

As a manufacturing B2B company, we know the potential cost of downtime. Therefore, making sure every VEPAK that leaves our facility is up and running at its new home is our top priority. Every VEPAK machine is delivered either by us personally or by one of our skilled dealers. The dealer is our extension of competence and local service point with spare parts available at hand.

Where is the VEPAK machine available?

VEPAK machines are CE certified, which means its total compliance to the standards of quality of European Union. We are also working on adapting VEPAK equipment to extra-EU standards and delivery of machines to the first reference clients out of Europe is planned by the end of 2021, with it being publicly available by 2022. Reference clients will help us understand the needs in their countries and receive the first machines in their area. If you would like to help us develop in your country, please send us a message via our contact form.

How do you get a VEPAK machine?

We have delivered machines to more than 10 European countries and the list is growing. Get in touch via our contact form if you would like to see one of them running close to you. We are always happy to meet firewood producers and see how they work! You can also see our exhibitions on our front page and follow our activity on Facebook.


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